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Deliverable Name Type Dissemination Level Resources
D1.1 Consortium Agreement Report Private  
D1.2 Project Setup and Organization Report Public Deliverable
D1.3 Project Report Year 1 Report Private  
D1.4 Mid-term review questionnaire Report Private  
D1.5 Project Report Year 2 Report Private  
D1.6 Final Project Report Report Private  
D2.1 User Requirements and Services Concept Private  
D2.2 System Specifications Concept Private  
D2.3 Rollout and Support Specification Concept Private  
D3.1 Deployment and Support Concept Concept Private  
D3.2 Integration and Testing Concept Concept Private  
D3.3 Pre-Version System Public Deliverable
D3.4 Starter Edition System Public Deliverable
D3.5 Value Edition System Public Deliverable
D3.6 Premium Edition System Public  
D4.1 Training and Installation Concept Concept Private  
D4.2 Installation Report Report Private  
D4.3 Support Report Report Private  
D5.1 Trial Concept Concept Private  
D5.2 User Mobilisation Concept Concept Private  
D5.3 Trial Report Report Public  
D6.1 IPR Inventory and Concept (Exploitation) Concept Private  
D6.2 Dissemination Plan Report Private  
D6.3 Intermediate Business Plan Concept Private  
D6.4 Final Business Plan Concept Private  
D6.5 Market Entry Report Report Private