/ December 7, 2021

Thankfully, in our last Consortiums Meeting of the DAPAS Project we were able to see each other in person again. We agreed to hold the meeting hybrid because not all partners wanted to travel to another country due to Covid-19. However, it worked great! Some of the partners dialed in on Skype and all others met in Coimbra, Portugal at the Caritas Diocesana de Coimbra.
The organization here was great, we were well taken care of during the breaks (snacks & coffee), got a guided tour through the city of Coimbra and had a delicious dinner together where we all got to know each other even better.
But most importantly, we were able to have good discussions to get ahead in the Project and we saw many different presentations from the partners on a variety of topics. We defined our ToDos for the last phase of the Project and were also very motivated by this meeting to reach all deadlines on time and to work together even better in the final phase.
It was a great opportunity for all of us!


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