/ April 7, 2020

Especially in current times coping with the corona-virus, many elderly people feel isolated and lonely, as their habitual personal contact to family and friends is not possible. Therefore, it is important to find solutions for them to stabilize the communication with close people, even if they have to stay at home.

Our DAPAS system has the appropriate solutions for it. It provides some easy to use applications to stay in contact and feel close to the loved ones. Especially in current days, also elderly people are quickly learning to apply new technologies in order to communicate with their loved relatives. This is also the main reason why project members value the benefits of the DAPAS system.

“I am so happy to participate in the EU-project DAPAS! With the applied technology around the DAPAS system I am able to speak and even see my beloved daughter whenever I want!” says Jutta, one of the project participants in Graz.

“And I am able to watch my great-grandchild mastering his first footsteps and how he starts to smile at me, even though I am not with him personally.” adds neighbor Roswitha.

In order to keep all residents in best health, they now need to stay at home for several weeks, should leave their apartments only when necessary and most importantly, should not invite people to come over and visit them. However, even though the situation is quite tough for everyone within the assisted living “Liebenau” in Graz, all residents are being very well supplied by formal cares. They provide the residents with needed groceries and provide exciting games and documents for memory training or amusement. Sometimes formal and informal carers of aid organization also have little chats with residents in order to let them feel comfortable and safe during these demanding times – in needed distance of course.

Still, one mayor point is missing – their valued personal contact to families and friends they love so much. This is why the seven project participants within the Assisted Living Liebenau in Graz do value the DAPAS solution so much, as it enables video calls and chats and the possibility to exchange pictures with family members or friends. Especially video calls are very popular as they feel very close to their relatives by not only talking to them, but also seeing them, which feels to them very similar to a normal conversation.

“It is a relief to see my mother on video and realize that this whole situation does not bother her too much. Actually, it is more the other way round. She uses this situation as new challenge, which needs to be mastered accordingly and at the same time keeps her young and fit too!” said Jutta’s daughter.

To keep the system up and running, support from formal carers is often needed. They help residents with the use of the system or in case anything does not work properly and forwards the bugs to the technical team.

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