/ July 9, 2020

Cáritas Coimbra is preparing the resumption of the DAPAS project, complying with the necessary safety and hygiene standards. This project saw the start of implementation of its pilot interrupted due to the installation of the state of emergency caused by the pandemic of COVID-19.

The project that brings together the successful results of previous AAL (Ambient Assisted Living) solutions projects had already recruited users to receive the DAPAS system for one year at their homes. This innovative solution is based on the needs of the older adults and aims to improve their quality of life. Cáritas Coimbra is responsible for testing the effectiveness and acceptance of this system with 40 participants.

Each user who will participate in the project will receive a tablet with a system that will facilitate daily life, communication and increase their security. Given the abrupt interruption of this phase of the project, Cáritas Coimbra is currently preparing packages for delivery to users, through the Home Support Service, and an initial video call session to give instructions to the participants. Family members are also being instructed to install the DAPAS application to be able to contact remotely through the messaging or calling system with their family members.

Only the specialized team, with the use of masks and gloves, makes contact with users. All equipment is disinfected before delivery. It is intended to continue the pilot of the project and to respond to the loneliness and isolation that this pandemic has brought to older adults.

DAPAS is co-financed by the European Program AAL (Active Assisted Living – ICT for Ageing, 2017) and, in the Portuguese case, by the Foundation for Science and Technology.

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